Appealing Strategies

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Vicki Marolt Buchanan is a certified appellate specialist providing appealing strategies in federal and state criminal and civil appeals including appeals from business litigation, family law, and probate.

Ms. Buchanan spent twenty years as a trial lawyer and as a partner in her law firm managing commercial litigation throughout the United States. She was responsible for most of the firm’s appellate briefs. Ms. Buchanan argued in state appellate courts in Colorado and California and at the Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeals. Appellate law became one of the most enjoyable and satisfying parts of her practice.

When she left the firm after the successful conclusion of a large piece of commercial litigation, Ms. Buchanan dedicated her practice exclusively to appeals. She is now an appellate specialist certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization and has completed nearly 100 civil and criminal appeals. 

In her appellate practice, Ms. Buchanan draws upon her interests. She likes to sort and organize which is helpful when taking the pieces of the record and molding them into a cohesive picture. She uses her writing skills to tell a compelling story. Being skilled at solving mysteries and puzzles, Ms. Buchanan effectively hunts for winning issues and unearths the authorities necessary to support them. At the end of a case, Ms. Buchanan looks forward to oral argument and a Socratic dialogue with experienced and respected judges. Most important, Ms. Buchanan has a knack for making strategic decisions of what to include and what not to include in a brief and how to present the case, not only for the pending appeal, but also for later review if necessary.